Remote Agility Framework Enterprise uses patterns to make strategy accessible, enabling autonomous decision making with directional alignment.

enterprise based events

Designed to align enterprise strategy and team based delivery. Our Remote Agility Framework enterprise events break down strategic goals to provide clarity, autonomous decision making and rapid adaptability.

R:AF Strategy: Take leaders out of operating context to explore the changes in the ecosystems in which they operate and evolve strategy based on an understanding of natural patterns. Design strategy to respect movement in the competitive and technological landscape and decompose it into actionable objectives.

R:AF Scoring: Use collective approaches based on wisdom of the crowd to determine the likelihood of meeting defined objectives and to design targeted interventions to enable course correction.

enterprise patterns and tools

Remote Agility Framework teams have a key principle, Tool the F Up! Using tools help the enterprise align strategy to provide clarity.

R:AF Governance: Successful remote governance requires building a culture of distributed governance taking authority to the work whilst retaining control levers.
It demands a sense of responsibility and ownership from all to allow for building greater levels of trust.

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R:AF Leadership: In a remote environment the intangible aspects of leadership (power, politics, rituals and norms) become even less visible. Successful remote organisations focus on mindset, performance, culture and systems.

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R:AF Enterprise Virtual Obeya: Remote working necessitates the need to enhance and amplify the physical benefits of traditional obeya using the dynamic capabilities of digitality. 
Enterprise Virtual Obeya provides the collaborative connective tissue that provides leaders leadand lag indicators of business performance, support the decomposition of strategy into Team of Teams, visualise material risks and issues and provide confidence scoring

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