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our training courses teach you how to build amazing organisations and teams where location is irrelevant.

become a remote:af Guide

remote:af Guides are enabled to support organisations around the world in navigating the challenges and surfacing the opportunities of remote, hybrid and distributed working.

You will learn how to launch, integrate, lead and evolve remote and hybrid teams. Guides are provided the economic mindset and leadership modes that effectively contribute to building a sustainable future for any organisation.

Becoming a Guide includes:

  • a 6 session cohort based training program
  • the complete 'Teams' and 'Divisions' toolkit
  • introductions to the 'Executive' toolkits
  • the first year membership to the Guide's community
  • access to exclusive Guide's community events and content
  • digital remote:af Guides badge

you'll learn how to lead and design high performance in divisions and teams

you'll get all facilitation assets to unlock the potential of location irrelevant work

after the course you'll receive a digital badge and join a global community of professionals

upcoming courses

upcoming courses delivered by our team and our training partners
remote:af guides training
5:30pm- 9:30pm EDT (GMT-4)
Andrew Blain, John Tooth, Tony Ponton
6 x 1/2 days delivered over 3 weeks
  • 8th (Tue) and 10th of Feb (Thu)
  • 15th (Tue) and 17th of Feb (Thur)
  • 22nd (Tue) and 24th of Feb (Thur)
$650 USD (excluding taxes)
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our training partners

our remote:af partners provide flexible learning solutions, from traditional face to face to remote learning via online platforms that enable you to provide timely and contextual training for your people.


Elabor8 Pty Ltd

United States

Mark Kilby

foundation training

remote:af foundations

Learn the key practices involved in establishing and working in remote teams: how to establish working agreements that cater for home environments, how to use digital tools effectively, how to effectively plan and sequence work, tools to aid personal productivity, and how to establish a culture of regular value delivery and data driven improvement. You will be provided the economic mindset that demonstrates how to effectively contribute to building a sustainable future for any organisation.

what you learn:

  • to apply the principles required to create successful remote, hybrid and distributed organisations
  • the three remote team types and how to identify them: Mission, Product and Operations Teams
  • to plan and execute remote events and meetings
  • how to create team agreements that unlock the potential of remote working
  • personal productivity techniques that enable functional and effective self management

how to certify:

  • 80% course attendence
  • approval by your remote:af Trainer

what you get:

  • access to the facilitation assets
  • access to the remote:af community
  • digital coursebook to support reflection
  • remote:af Foundations digital badge to share your achievement
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